Whenever I have a breakout I reach for my Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree oil (also known as Melaleuca) has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties; this may help with treating inflammatory breakouts. Tea Tree Oil is known for both it’s purifying and soothing properties in many applications. I always find it helps clear a breakout very quickly! I simply put a drop on my finger and apply it to any spots needing attention and just leave it. This is perfect to do after you wash your face before you go to bed!

What I admittedly do not do enough, is exfoliate!! This process helps unclog pores and sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal healthy, glowing skin that is so smooth!

This is an extremely simple and soothing DIY face scrub recipe that you can also use for other parts of your body you’re wanting to exfoliate. It is easily stored in a small mason jar.

Two other ingredients are fine sea salt, which is clearly where the exfoliation comes from! The other is raw, organic honey which is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, aiding in the healing process of the skin.

Here’s how to make your own scrub!

1/3 cup Fine Sea Salt
1 Tbsp+ Raw, Organic Honey
7-10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Pour your salt into a small bowl, add the desired amount of Tea Tree Essential Oil (amount is a personal preference based on sensitivity. Some people, like myself, do well with more drops, others need far less. If you are unsure, start small and add more later as needed).

Mix with a small spoon, or with your clean fingers.

Add small amounts of honey at a time. Add it to the middle of the salt, cover it with the salt and keep mixing so you avoid a sticky mess 🙂 Keep adding and mixing until you have reached the desired consistency.

When you apply the scrub to your face, I suggest using a small amount of water as well to help move the Tea Tree Scrub around your face well. I also am a fan of letting it set on your face for several minutes before washing it off to allow the benefits of the raw, organic honey and tea trea oil to do their work!

To exfoliate, use your clean fingertips to rub the scrub around your face in small circles. Be sure to focus a little more on areas you know you need a little extra help. Just don’t scrub too much; you don’t want to over exfoliate and cause your skin to become red and inflammed from being too rough! Light application of your fingertips in circles is perfect.

It is very important to note that using remedies such as this facial scrub are great for treating those annoying intermittent breakouts. HOWEVER, If you have a bigger struggle than the occasional blemish that you can link to monthly shifts in hormones or stress, some things I would suggest are:

1) Get familiar with ingredients in your products and replace those with toxic ingredients with safe ingredients.
Toxins are highly (HIGHLY) inflammatory. They will not only lead to things like skin issues, but also hormone disruption, gut issues, all kind of autoimmune conditions, mental health issues, cancer….just to name a few. This can be quite overwhelming when you start which is why I have a free toxin free living group over on FB called “Get Real, Girl” that I invite you to join!

2) Clean up your diet!
Some known culprits of skin issues are sugar, gluten and dairy. HOWEVER, reducing overall inflammation by getting your blood sugar under control has HUGE benefits, not only to your skin. Many of the women I have coached through KETO have been surprised at the results they had with their skin that was totally unexpected! If you have been wanting to dive into the ketogenic diet but are confused by all the information out there and how to even start, check out my KETO for Women program here! This program gives you all the tools you need for a successful start to keto! It includes 8 modules that teaches you the basics from what macronutrients are and where yours should be; how to track; electrolytes and the keto flu (how to avoid it); calories, exercise and includes lots of recipes and meal guides to help you on your journey!

In the end, healthy skin starts from the inside out!! <3

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