Well we are well into week 2 of a stay at home order due to COVID-19. I long for the day when I look back at something like this that I've written and it's all just a distant memory! Right now, I find cultivating joy to be critical. If you follow holistic practitioner, Chris Kresser, you will find he is talking about this A LOT right now. If you don't follow him, you should! I value messages like this so much from experts that is helpful both for our immune systems, but also for our hearts and mindset. Truly, if our hearts and mindset are suffering, our immune systems will too. How did I cultivate joy today? Aside from going on several walks and sending messages and texts to people I love, I baked! Baking makes me so happy! Something else that makes me happy is LEMONS! This time of year is when I start craving things like lemons that make me think of summer. I am still following my keto protocol during this time, as I honestly find it easy to do so. However, I've eased up a tad and am not tracking or being as strict as I am sometimes. I feel a little more flow is a good thing right now, however, I feel so good on a low carb/keto protocol that I for sure have no plans of just going off of it any time soon. Enjoy this recipes that is one to be shared for sure once we can resume our get togethers with friends and family!!
Craving something sweet on Keto? These are REALLY simple and tasty! Seriously 4-6 ingredients is all. This recipe only makes a tiny batch of low carb cookies (8-12), so if you are wanting a bigger batch, double up for sure! The nuts here are optional. I actually used some of my previously made keto granola on top since it had a mix of pecans, pistachios and almonds. You can also add cinnamon, but again, totally optional! These keto cookies would be great for a gathering like a potluck with keto and non-keto people alike!
The holidays can be a really hard time when it comes to temptations and trying to stay on track with healthy eating. Thankfully there are some truly delicious ways of "indulging" without regretting it later. NOW, I have to preface this with the fact that I am all about having a treat here and there with ZERO guilt! A couple of caveats: if you are sensitive to certain foods, those don't count as "treats"! I do not at all find it worth having things that send you backwards with your health! The other things is that I would encourage that treats still have very high quality ingredients, organic when possible, gluten free if necessary! These brownies do have some applesauce in the recipe which might cause keto people to twitch...but, fear not! There is only 1/2 a cup of unsweetened applesauce in the entire recipe which, depending on the size of the brownie might amount to 1 carb per brownie from the applesauce. I do not believe in "keto foods". Instead, I encourage a whole foods, nutrient dense approach to keto that involves using foods to help reach a ketogenic metabolic process. This means you can have a little applesauce within a recipe if the overall carbs are still low, keeping blood sugar stable.
I admit, I can't stand carrots. Can't STAND them. But I LOVE Carrot Cake. It is hands down my favorite cake! In fact, as a rule I have it on my birthday, every year. Well, except this year. Not sure exactly what happened...I often just make it myself (and I love to!). I had some before my birthday but I didn't love it and it didn't have cream cheese frosting so, it didn't count. :) To make up for it I made some today. It is, after all, still my birthday month! However, I'm done with my big splurges for now, so I made this one a low carb/keto version and it is GOOD! You can modify this recipe and make it using coconut sugar if you prefer that as a sweetener. As for the cream cheese frosting, if you are vegan I would just go without the frosting. I'm not sure if there is a great dairy free substitute. However, using full fat coconut milk would probably work for some kind of a frosting like topping!
Blueberry Breakfast Bars (low carb, gluten free)
This has just taken the spot in my household for FAVORITE Keto dessert! I absolutely love lemon and it's such a delicious treat for Springtime! This was far easier to make than I had anticipated. For sweeteners, I try to stick with non GMO, organic if possible. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol from fermented fruit or veggies. I personally prefer it to the taste of stevia (stevia has a bitter aftertaste in my opinion). You can absolutely switch up the sweetener in any of these recipes to use something you prefer, just adjust the amount for taste. I love to share Keto desserts on my page but also will caution you to not have them ALL the time! If you have goals for weight loss I would especially warn not to overdue the sweets as it will very easily keep you in that mode of craving sweet stuff!! Plus, too much of things like almond flour can boost carbs more than you would think.
I used to bake ALL. THE. TIME. Then I started eating a more paleo inspired diet which then switched to keto. When I was paleo I did make a lot of paleo treats and found myself frustrated because my body was not responding well. I thought, hey, I cut out gluten, processed flour and sugar...what gives? But then I realized I was eating tons and tons of high sugar fruits and "healthy sugars". This is actually what led me to dive into the ketogenic diet. After tons of research I thought I would "try it" and here I am, two years later, still keto! I do not think it's a good practice to have keto treats every day. It does seem to drive this desire for sweet further when we are always having sweet things even if they don't spike our blood sugar. However, I do still love to bake and I LOVE to share a keto treat when there is a holiday or special event. These are one of those that even people who are not low carb or keto would love! Recipe adapted from ketogenicgirl.com
These truly are the BEST Keto brownies I have tasted, hands down!! They are easy to make and you aren't left feeling like "they were good, but not the real thing". These brownies are rich, fudgy, they don't have any kind of grainy texture from any of the keto flours (there is some almond flour but minimal). The flavor is amazing!
This stuff is ADDICTING. Consider yourselves warned!! Everyone, even non-keto people, love it! If you want to make sure it doesn't disappear the second you make it, you might want to store some in the freezer!! Have you ever had Lily's chocolate?? It is a favorite treat of mine. It is sweetened with stevia and a really great option if you are keto, paleo or low carb. Their bars are delicious and they have tons of wonderful flavors! I love their chocolate chips as well, which is what I used for this recipe. I find them at Market of Choice, Natural Grocers and Whole Foods.