I admit, I can't stand carrots. Can't STAND them. But I LOVE Carrot Cake. It is hands down my favorite cake! In fact, as a rule I have it on my birthday, every year. Well, except this year. Not sure exactly what happened...I often just make it myself (and I love to!). I had some before my birthday but I didn't love it and it didn't have cream cheese frosting so, it didn't count. :) To make up for it I made some today. It is, after all, still my birthday month! However, I'm done with my big splurges for now, so I made this one a low carb/keto version and it is GOOD! You can modify this recipe and make it using coconut sugar if you prefer that as a sweetener. As for the cream cheese frosting, if you are vegan I would just go without the frosting. I'm not sure if there is a great dairy free substitute. However, using full fat coconut milk would probably work for some kind of a frosting like topping!
We've barely dipped our toes into September here in Oregon and just like that it's soup weather! It's been delightfully cooler, overcast and a little drizzly. For this girl with autoimmune stuff going on the heat just really packs a punch! So, I am one happy camper right now!! This weather spells RELIEF for me! . . Last night we cozied up on the couch and my dad brought the movie "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks over and we filled our bellies with delicious warm soup! This is one of those that we make again and again in my house. It's a favorite for sure. . . If you are a keto/low carb person, the cauliflower is perfect. Otherwise, red potatoes are amazing! We actually did red potatoes last night. I am a big fan of carb cycling and so we carbed it up a little last night (plus it's my birthday weekend so it's all about living a little, right?!). . . Recipe adapted from eatingwell.com
This recipe is under "Sides & Stuff" on my website, but truly, I could eat just this for a meal and be 110% satisfied! It's full of lots of good fat, protein and nutrients. I am careful to use animal products that are without added hormones, antibiotics, nitrates and nitrites. You can use cauliflower florets for the recipe or riced cauliflower like I did. It has amazing flavor! This dish is one for Keto and non-keto folks alike!
This is truly one of my favorite "go-to" recipes. It's one that is so darn easy and yet delicious at the same time. I love to make extras of this one and eat it over the course of a few days. You can also do whatever you'd like with it in terms of having it for lunch, a snack, even a side dish for a BBQ or potluck. It offers a good dose of healthy fats and protein so you will be feeling pretty good for hours after eating this yummy salad! The good news with the avocados is that because of the lime juice, they tend not to brown as easily. I have also kept this in a mason jar before as well for better preservation. Enjoy!
Blueberry Breakfast Bars (low carb, gluten free)
Comfort food alert! This is one that comes with no guilt, however, if you are in the low carb camp. This simple recipe uses fathead dough for the crust. You can doctor this up with olives and sour cream if you like. We added salsa on top and it was delicious with or without!
I LOVE banana bread! In fact, before I started following a ketogenic protocol I was always making it. I would make several loaves or a bunch of muffins and keep the extras in the freezer. I always made sure to make them "healthy". Of course for a long time that meant "low fat"! Oh how times have changed!! While these yummy muffins are low carb (about 15 net carbs per muffin), they are a little too high in carb to be considered KETO (unless you're not having hardly any carbs in the rest of your day!). If you would rather do something a little more paleo, you can for sure substutite something like honey or coconut sugar for the sweetener. Just be sure to adjust the amount as needed! Enjoy!