This one doubles as a breakfast bar or keto dessert! It is scrumptious! The only dairy in it is butter, so you could easily replace that with coconut oil or ghee. I used monkfruit to make this a keto friendly dessert, but you could use stevia or something like coconut sugar; just be sure to adjust the amount as needed. The coconut in the crust really makes these bars special with the blueberry coconut combo! Recipe adapted from
Egg dishes like this are perfect for preparing ahead of time and having in the fridge for a busy week ahead! You could make this same dish in a muffin tin if your family prefers that. In that case I would just chop the asparagus up smaller and divide those piece by hand into each cup. This is a perfect keto meal or snack! I am one of those "no breakfast" keto people (just never hungry for it and I do believe in following your body's signals!). However, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner or even lunch? Next time I might add small pieces of bacon. Everything's better with bacon, right? Recipe adapted from If you are interested in more guidance using a keto template, please checkout my KETO for Women programs under the "shop" tab; or for more individualized guidance, book a free consultation at the top of my website!
Comfort food alert! This is one that comes with no guilt, however, if you are in the low carb camp. This simple recipe uses fathead dough for the crust. You can doctor this up with olives and sour cream if you like. We added salsa on top and it was delicious with or without!
I LOVE banana bread! In fact, before I started following a ketogenic protocol I was always making it. I would make several loaves or a bunch of muffins and keep the extras in the freezer. I always made sure to make them "healthy". Of course for a long time that meant "low fat"! Oh how times have changed!! While these yummy muffins are low carb (about 15 net carbs per muffin), they are a little too high in carb to be considered KETO (unless you're not having hardly any carbs in the rest of your day!). If you would rather do something a little more paleo, you can for sure substutite something like honey or coconut sugar for the sweetener. Just be sure to adjust the amount as needed! Enjoy!
This is a delicious recipe using Fathead dough. For you who follow a ketogenic protocol, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about! It's one of the best bread/roll/pizza crust alternatives and is loved by keto and non-keto people alike! I will caution you, though; if you are a non-dairy consumer then perhaps skip the fathead wrap and make a bacon burrito bowl instead! OR you could substitute with a Siete tortilla/wrap (Whole Foods carries these or you can order them online).
This has just taken the spot in my household for FAVORITE Keto dessert! I absolutely love lemon and it's such a delicious treat for Springtime! This was far easier to make than I had anticipated. For sweeteners, I try to stick with non GMO, organic if possible. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol from fermented fruit or veggies. I personally prefer it to the taste of stevia (stevia has a bitter aftertaste in my opinion). You can absolutely switch up the sweetener in any of these recipes to use something you prefer, just adjust the amount for taste. I love to share Keto desserts on my page but also will caution you to not have them ALL the time! If you have goals for weight loss I would especially warn not to overdue the sweets as it will very easily keep you in that mode of craving sweet stuff!! Plus, too much of things like almond flour can boost carbs more than you would think.
I used to bake ALL. THE. TIME. Then I started eating a more paleo inspired diet which then switched to keto. When I was paleo I did make a lot of paleo treats and found myself frustrated because my body was not responding well. I thought, hey, I cut out gluten, processed flour and sugar...what gives? But then I realized I was eating tons and tons of high sugar fruits and "healthy sugars". This is actually what led me to dive into the ketogenic diet. After tons of research I thought I would "try it" and here I am, two years later, still keto! I do not think it's a good practice to have keto treats every day. It does seem to drive this desire for sweet further when we are always having sweet things even if they don't spike our blood sugar. However, I do still love to bake and I LOVE to share a keto treat when there is a holiday or special event. These are one of those that even people who are not low carb or keto would love! Recipe adapted from
These truly are the BEST Keto brownies I have tasted, hands down!! They are easy to make and you aren't left feeling like "they were good, but not the real thing". These brownies are rich, fudgy, they don't have any kind of grainy texture from any of the keto flours (there is some almond flour but minimal). The flavor is amazing!
This Taco Cup recipe is Keto friendly, but it is for sure one of those crowd pleasers (keto and non-keto alike)! It is quite the keto comfort food! If you miss bread, fat head dough is for sure my favorite way to satisfy that craving. It is so much like regular bread. It is a recipe I use constantly, especially if we have non-keto people over and I want to make something everyone can have. It's great for rolls, buns, or things like this!
This is perfect if you are following a low carb protocol, but even if you aren't it is delicious and everyone will love it! The flavor was outstanding and it was a pretty dinner to put together (win!). I also love that you can dress this up however you prefer with toppings to individualize for the fam. I am also not the biggest fan of leftovers, but this one was really good for lunch the next day!