Anyone else LOVE lemon poppy seed muffins?! I am a huge fan but don't often have them because the way they are usually made, you might as well have a donut! THIS recipe, however, allows you to have the best of both worlds with wonderful, healthy ingredients like almond flour, honey for the sweetener, fresh lemon juice and avocado oil. However, it still tastes like a treat! You could use a keto friendly sweetener like erythritol to make this a lower carb treat that fits into a ketogenic protocol.
Lets talk EGGS for a moment and just how amazing they are for us! Eggs are an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids which helps to lower inflammation and triglycerides and reduce blood cholesterol levels. They also offer a good dose of choline which is imperative for optimal brain and liver function. In fact, according to Dr. Josh Axe, "the liver depends on choline to operate correctly, and one sign of a choline deficiency is poor liver function. Low choline levels are correlated with fatty liver disease, and some research in animals also indicates that choline deficiency may be linked to some types of cancers as well. Plus, in proper amounts, choline has also been found to treat certain brain issues, such as depression, and improve memory and cognitive function." Eggs are a terrific part of a KETO protocol as they offer an option that is low carb with optimal levels of protein and fat, in addition to being super nourishing! Keeping carbs low helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin which then keeps inflammation in check and therefore supports the immune system.
Well we are well into week 2 of a stay at home order due to COVID-19. I long for the day when I look back at something like this that I've written and it's all just a distant memory! Right now, I find cultivating joy to be critical. If you follow holistic practitioner, Chris Kresser, you will find he is talking about this A LOT right now. If you don't follow him, you should! I value messages like this so much from experts that is helpful both for our immune systems, but also for our hearts and mindset. Truly, if our hearts and mindset are suffering, our immune systems will too. How did I cultivate joy today? Aside from going on several walks and sending messages and texts to people I love, I baked! Baking makes me so happy! Something else that makes me happy is LEMONS! This time of year is when I start craving things like lemons that make me think of summer. I am still following my keto protocol during this time, as I honestly find it easy to do so. However, I've eased up a tad and am not tracking or being as strict as I am sometimes. I feel a little more flow is a good thing right now, however, I feel so good on a low carb/keto protocol that I for sure have no plans of just going off of it any time soon. Enjoy this recipes that is one to be shared for sure once we can resume our get togethers with friends and family!!
This Broccoli Beef Bowl is perfect for a keto lunch or dinner - heck even breakfast! It's a super easy recipe and a great one to make extra of for quick and healthy meals throughout the week. I prefer to stay away from soy products in my diet as a way of maintaining a healthy hormone balance (soy is a known phytoestrogen which can impact your own levels of estrogen causing issues with reproduction, leading to infertility, hypothyroidism and cancer). Therefore, you will notice I use coconut aminos rather than soy sauce in this recipe. It can be a spendy purchase, but a little goes a long way! Also, it truly is worth extra costs here and there for better overall health. In addition to the coconut aminos, I always opt for grass fed and finished beef (must be grass finished as well) that has had no added hormones or antibiotics. All of these things will impact your own level of inflammation and hormone balance! This riced cauliflower and brocolli are both organic and from the frozen section in Costco! Frozen is an excellent option as it can actually be more fresh than "fresh" fruits and vegetables are (unless you shop the farmers market or grow your own!). I do love the farmers market but also love stocking the freezer with frozen for convenience. This produce is flash frozen which means the nutrients are locked in rather than the produce traveling on trucks from different parts of the country to make it to your local grocery store and losing nutrients by the day.
Craving something sweet on Keto? These are REALLY simple and tasty! Seriously 4-6 ingredients is all. This recipe only makes a tiny batch of low carb cookies (8-12), so if you are wanting a bigger batch, double up for sure! The nuts here are optional. I actually used some of my previously made keto granola on top since it had a mix of pecans, pistachios and almonds. You can also add cinnamon, but again, totally optional! These keto cookies would be great for a gathering like a potluck with keto and non-keto people alike!
This salad is really delicious and perfect if you like to make things ahead that you can use for lunches and sides for the next several days. Of course, as I post this we are in the holiday season, so it would be an ideal dish for gatherings! I personally love brussels sprouts, but if you don't, I encourage you to still give it a try! When they are shredded, tossed with citrus dressing, bacon and cheese, ummm….you might have an entirely different opinion of brussels sprouts! Aside from taste and all that, these little green guys pack a punch when it comes to nutrients! Here's the nutrient profile of these cruciferous veggies according to Dr. Axe: A half cup of boiled Brussels sprouts (about 78 grams) provides approximately: 28.1 calories 5.5 grams carbohydrates 2 grams protein 0.4 gram fat 2 grams fiber 109 microgram vitamin K (137 percent DV) 48.4 milligrams vitamin C (81 percent DV) 604 international units vitamin A (12 percent DV) 46.8 micrograms folate (12 percent DV) 0.2 milligram manganese (9 percent DV) 0.1 milligram vitamin B6 (7 percent DV) 247 milligrams potassium (7 percent DV) 0.1 milligram thiamine (6 percent DV) 0.9 milligram iron (5 percent DV) 0.1 milligram riboflavin (4 percent DV) 15.6 milligrams magnesium (4 percent DV) 43.7 milligrams phosphorus (4 percent DV) Brussels sprouts nutrition also contains some vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, choline, betaine, calcium, zinc, copper and selenium. Lots of reasons to love them and include them regularly in your diet. One of my favorite things about cruciferous vegetables in general is their liver loving power! They are full of phytonutrients, carotenoids, flavonoids, and glucosinolates that help neutralize toxins and support the liver in order to do it's job of detoxing the body.
The holidays can be a really hard time when it comes to temptations and trying to stay on track with healthy eating. Thankfully there are some truly delicious ways of "indulging" without regretting it later. NOW, I have to preface this with the fact that I am all about having a treat here and there with ZERO guilt! A couple of caveats: if you are sensitive to certain foods, those don't count as "treats"! I do not at all find it worth having things that send you backwards with your health! The other things is that I would encourage that treats still have very high quality ingredients, organic when possible, gluten free if necessary! These brownies do have some applesauce in the recipe which might cause keto people to twitch...but, fear not! There is only 1/2 a cup of unsweetened applesauce in the entire recipe which, depending on the size of the brownie might amount to 1 carb per brownie from the applesauce. I do not believe in "keto foods". Instead, I encourage a whole foods, nutrient dense approach to keto that involves using foods to help reach a ketogenic metabolic process. This means you can have a little applesauce within a recipe if the overall carbs are still low, keeping blood sugar stable.
I admit, I can't stand carrots. Can't STAND them. But I LOVE Carrot Cake. It is hands down my favorite cake! In fact, as a rule I have it on my birthday, every year. Well, except this year. Not sure exactly what happened...I often just make it myself (and I love to!). I had some before my birthday but I didn't love it and it didn't have cream cheese frosting so, it didn't count. :) To make up for it I made some today. It is, after all, still my birthday month! However, I'm done with my big splurges for now, so I made this one a low carb/keto version and it is GOOD! You can modify this recipe and make it using coconut sugar if you prefer that as a sweetener. As for the cream cheese frosting, if you are vegan I would just go without the frosting. I'm not sure if there is a great dairy free substitute. However, using full fat coconut milk would probably work for some kind of a frosting like topping!
We've barely dipped our toes into September here in Oregon and just like that it's soup weather! It's been delightfully cooler, overcast and a little drizzly. For this girl with autoimmune stuff going on the heat just really packs a punch! So, I am one happy camper right now!! This weather spells RELIEF for me! . . Last night we cozied up on the couch and my dad brought the movie "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks over and we filled our bellies with delicious warm soup! This is one of those that we make again and again in my house. It's a favorite for sure. . . If you are a keto/low carb person, the cauliflower is perfect. Otherwise, red potatoes are amazing! We actually did red potatoes last night. I am a big fan of carb cycling and so we carbed it up a little last night (plus it's my birthday weekend so it's all about living a little, right?!). . . Recipe adapted from
This recipe is under "Sides & Stuff" on my website, but truly, I could eat just this for a meal and be 110% satisfied! It's full of lots of good fat, protein and nutrients. I am careful to use animal products that are without added hormones, antibiotics, nitrates and nitrites. You can use cauliflower florets for the recipe or riced cauliflower like I did. It has amazing flavor! This dish is one for Keto and non-keto folks alike!