Cheesy goodness right here! This is the best low carb, gluten free comfort food! Obviously, you can use the "crust" and change up the filling to make whatever kind of calzone you would like. I actually made extra crust dough and made little biscuits out of the rest for snacks or as part of another meal. They are delicious warm with butter. This also works perfectly as just a pizza crust. There are so many different low carb (keto) pizza crust recipes and I will say this is by far my favorite that I've made so far, and I have made MANY! You can also easily switch up the herbs and spices and create your own special flavor. I love Trader Joe's "Everything but the Bagel" seasoning on things like this!
Okay keto people! This one is for YOU :) This jalapeño burger is AMAZING....and messy...but mostly amazing! If you are a little nervous about the jalapeño being too hot, just make sure to de-seed them well andy ou can cook them a bit before adding them to the burger to bring that heat level down a bit. I highly recommend you use hormone free, antibiotic free, nitrate/nitrite free and grass fed and finished whenever you have such options with your animal products. Any of those attributes in your food will be part of your own system once you eat it. You don't want that added inflammation, hormone imbalance, etc. to contend with!
These are hands down some of the best tasting meatballs I've ever had! We did test them out with some marinara as well and they were good, but I really preferred them without in order to have the unmasked flavor of the meatballs. They are that good!! You could easily replace the cheese with a non-dairy version of your choice for a dairy free recipe! As for the spaghetti squash, I absolutely recommend baking it WHOLE in order to easily cut it in half! This method has been a game changer for me! I would avoid spaghetti squash because it was such a pain in my rear to cut open. Now I just bake it whole's SO easy!
Ok, this soup sounds a little weird, but in all reality it is SUPER healthy! Please do keep in mind that there is dairy in this soup. I am not sure if modifying would give you a soup that has the same delicious flavor and it might alter the texture of the soup too much. But, it's worth a try! This is made in a large pot right on the stove and is really pretty simple. I use all hormone free ingredients and our own grass fed, finished beef with no antibiotics. This is super important to me in how I feed my family! Whatever is in your food will then be in your body!
I'm totally digging the pumpkin thing right now. No, I am not big into pumpkin spiced lattes, but lots of other pumpkin stuff for sure! Pumpkin chili, pumpkin butter, pumpkin muffins...and here are some pumpkin scones! :) They kind of taste like gingerbread to me. There are a ton of yummy spices in this recipe <3 I have to say, here in Oregon, Fall came and has been beautiful but then it was 80 degrees today!! What?? That is not really normal for us in Oregon. I LOVE the sun but I'm really ready for sweater weather to stay for now. Back to the scones, these guys are more moist than some other scone recipes I've tried in the past. They would still be delicious with your morning cup of coffee or tea. You can make them paleo or keto style, depending on the sweetener you use. Also, for the "frosting" you can choose to make it dairy free by using coconut milk. Either way....delicious!
Who doesn't love a good meatloaf?? You can feel good about this one made with grass fed {and finished} beef! The flavor in this meatloaf is amazing <3 We just had grilled veggies with ours but a cauliflower mash {you know, instead of mashed potatoes...if you haven't tried this, what are you waiting for?? SO good!} would be fantastic with this! Talk about comfort food that you can feel good about! The ketchup on the top is absolutely optional. If you do add the ketchup, you can find an unsweetened brand at certain stores like Market of Choice, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers. You could also order it online from somewhere like Thrive Market OR you can make your own!
First of all, hello cold and flu season! This is an excellent soup for boosting your immune system and who doesn't love soup as the weather turns colder and the days become darker? I have recently learned I am battling some autoimmune "issues" and this soup is perfect for helping to lower inflammation while strengthening the immune system <3 Make a bunch & freeze some for those busy nights! This soup has a little bite to it from the crushed red pepper (which I LOVE), but you can omit if you prefer a more mild flavor. We actually picked up an organic rotisserie chicken last night when I made this. I love easy :) Using fattier parts of the chicken like the darker meat is a GOOD thing as those parts offer even more nutrients! Go for it!
Hello pumpkin season!! Not going to lie, I do love it! This time of year in the Willamette Valley, OR is one I get so excited for. The crispness in the air, the changing colors on the trees, cool mornings, sweater weather, all things pumpkin and I do love back to school. Really...getting back into routine is something I crave after summer break! These little treats are perfect for a mini breakfast along with your coffee, tea, Matcha latte...whatever your hearts desire! They also make for a great anytime snack or something to bring to a gathering. AND they are dairy free, gluten free, Paleo or Keto friendly (depending on the sweetener you use). You can easily double the recipe and stick a bunch of these little guys in the freezer for those busy days! And this is something you can feel really great about adding to your kiddos lunch box as well. Enjoy!! Recipe adapted from
Chocolate: one of my favorite things! And, of course, it is the time of year for lots of zucchini. The two combined are delicious and this cake is so moist! I made this KETO friendly but you can absolutely switch up the sweetener to make it PALEO friendly instead using coconut sugar, pure maple syrup or raw organic honey. Just adjust amounts as needed!