This Broccoli Beef Bowl is perfect for a keto lunch or dinner - heck even breakfast! It's a super easy recipe and a great one to make extra of for quick and healthy meals throughout the week. I prefer to stay away from soy products in my diet as a way of maintaining a healthy hormone balance (soy is a known phytoestrogen which can impact your own levels of estrogen causing issues with reproduction, leading to infertility, hypothyroidism and cancer). Therefore, you will notice I use coconut aminos rather than soy sauce in this recipe. It can be a spendy purchase, but a little goes a long way! Also, it truly is worth extra costs here and there for better overall health. In addition to the coconut aminos, I always opt for grass fed and finished beef (must be grass finished as well) that has had no added hormones or antibiotics. All of these things will impact your own level of inflammation and hormone balance! This riced cauliflower and brocolli are both organic and from the frozen section in Costco! Frozen is an excellent option as it can actually be more fresh than "fresh" fruits and vegetables are (unless you shop the farmers market or grow your own!). I do love the farmers market but also love stocking the freezer with frozen for convenience. This produce is flash frozen which means the nutrients are locked in rather than the produce traveling on trucks from different parts of the country to make it to your local grocery store and losing nutrients by the day.
This is truly one of my favorite "go-to" recipes. It's one that is so darn easy and yet delicious at the same time. I love to make extras of this one and eat it over the course of a few days. You can also do whatever you'd like with it in terms of having it for lunch, a snack, even a side dish for a BBQ or potluck. It offers a good dose of healthy fats and protein so you will be feeling pretty good for hours after eating this yummy salad! The good news with the avocados is that because of the lime juice, they tend not to brown as easily. I have also kept this in a mason jar before as well for better preservation. Enjoy!
Comfort food alert! This is one that comes with no guilt, however, if you are in the low carb camp. This simple recipe uses fathead dough for the crust. You can doctor this up with olives and sour cream if you like. We added salsa on top and it was delicious with or without!
This Taco Cup recipe is Keto friendly, but it is for sure one of those crowd pleasers (keto and non-keto alike)! It is quite the keto comfort food! If you miss bread, fat head dough is for sure my favorite way to satisfy that craving. It is so much like regular bread. It is a recipe I use constantly, especially if we have non-keto people over and I want to make something everyone can have. It's great for rolls, buns, or things like this!
People probably get sick of me saying “this is delicious” or something similar about these recipes I share. Well…it’s because I don’t share recipes that aren’t delicious! This one, definitely my new favorite. If you like dynamic flavor…spice {but not spicy hot}…and lime…you’ll LOVE this!
If you’re looking for a filing and tasty salad that is full of savory flavors…look no further! This is easily a meal in itself and one you’ll want to make again!